Simply add a SHOP SHARE gift card for On The Fly Outfitters (value $10, but you can buy more gift cards to increase your impact) to your cart on RepYourWater's website 'ADD GIFT CARD LINK' and they will not only give YOU the gift card value to use at our shop, but also share the revenue of ANY OTHER PRODUCTS that you purchase in the same transaction just as if you bought them at On The Fly Outfitters!

Shop online at REPYOURWATER and don't forget to add a $10 Gift Card for On The Fly Outfitters before you check out. Thanks for the support!

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Rumpl Retailer Support Message

More than ever it’s important for retailers, vendors, and customers to come together and support one another in these unprecedented times. In an effort to help us keep outfitting you for seasons to come, @gorumpl has stepped up to offer a helping hand. For a limited time, you can shop their inventory on  and RECEIVE 15% OFF when you enter the code rumpld1888 at checkout, we’ll ALSO receive a portion of the sale. You get a cozy blanket, we get to supply you for future adventures-- WIN-WIN!

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Sight Line Provisions has created an Online Trunk Show to support local fly shops and outfitters! 35 partners are now represented, with new Artist Editions being produced daily in their studio. That’s 35 unique bracelets available for sale to YOU online from their website. When one of these Trunk Show pieces sells, the assigned Retailer earns 50% of the proceeds! 


Be sure to check out our Peregrine Falcon pieces, they are beautiful and could be yours! If it gets purchased, On The Fly Outfitters will receive 50% of the proceeds to help our #smallbusiness 💪

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